©Arnaud Brihay

"PRIVACY, from private intimacy to urban intimacies" part IV, Labour intimacy.
Excerpt of the series, work in progress.

(updated total fee: 265€)

Photography 2012

© Arnaud Brihay

_wandering through the countryside, in France, you can often see white vans parked in the middle of fields. These are many nomadic small places of intimacy driven away from city centers ...
Land and labour remain in place.

From so far, they took the road to live a dream life; not so far from our neighbourhood, on the road, they live a so-called life.

-Biennial of Contemporary Art of Lyon, Résonnance, Lyon-France, 2013
-Jeux d'Intimités, Arles Voies Off 2015, Larnoline, France, 2015

Lilly, 55€

(print: 110x164cm)

http://test.nkgj0743.odns.fr/files/gimgs/th-33_240_Google Lilly.jpg
Lola, 50€
http://test.nkgj0743.odns.fr/files/gimgs/th-33_240_Google Lola.jpg
Sandra, 60€
http://test.nkgj0743.odns.fr/files/gimgs/th-33_240_Google Sandra.jpg
Melissa, 55€
http://test.nkgj0743.odns.fr/files/gimgs/th-33_240_Google Melissa.jpg
Laura, 50€
http://test.nkgj0743.odns.fr/files/gimgs/th-33_240_Google Laura.jpg